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IDATA GROUP offers scalable cloud solutions, to support the development and management of services on the Public or Private Cloud, both with standard services and with custom design for customer needs. Through a Virtual Data Center you can choose how much and what to bring on the available technological platforms: Liquid Cloud, Mix Liquid and Solid Cloud


  • You only pay what you use with hourly pricing.
  • Scalability of dynamic resources, in terms of processors, ram, storage.
  • If the virtual machines are turned off, only the cost of the disk space actually used is charged.
  • Ideal for test and pre-production environments


  • The cloud proposition MIX LIQUID provides for resources allocated to your exclusive use (vCPU, ram, Disk), charged partly in FLAT mode and partly in variable mode based on thresholds that are agreed.
  • The VMs have always available all the resources but those used beyond threshold will be paid only for the hours of effective use.


  • The SOLID cloud proposition requires that all allocated resources are charged with a FLAT fee regardless of their use.
  • It’s a recommended method for those who make intense and constant use of resources


The offer is modular and is organized with the following primary components:

  • Fully manageable IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services, with consumption interfaces and statistics (VMware hypervisor on all configurations).
  • Complex Hosting services to access computational resources based on heterogeneous technologies. Orchestration of resources located on public and private different Data Centers.
  • Co-location of hardware infrastructures. Backup as a Service with advanced scheduling and data retention profiles. Disaster Recovery is available both as an additional service and as a service for the security of the on-premise Customer Data Center.
  • Security managed perimeter and endpoint to ensure the business continuity of servers, applications and data.
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