Rhino è un software della McNeel che fornisce ai professionisti gli
strumenti necessari per attuare progetti complessi legati all’analisi ed alla produzione industriale


Rhino (Cad)

Rhino is a software by McNeel that provides professionals with the tools needed to implement complex projects related to analysis and industrial production.

It offers a range of unlimited tools and plug-ins for free-form 3D modeling, the ability to annotate and illustred 2D drawings and transform 3D surfaces into a 2D model, does not require specific hardware and also provides a worldwide support service.

IDATA GROUP as an Italian retailer and official partner offers support assistance and high level training.

Our consultants can support design and training activities on both applications and plug-ins. The services, customizable according to needs, are for: small/medium customers (such as freelancers, architects, engineers), and the education sector (university, hig school, students), and multinational companies in the manufacturing field.

Rhinoceros is on sale in our

  • Rhinoceros v7.0
  • Rhinoceros per Mac
  • Bongo v2.0
  • Flamingo NXT
  • Penguin v2.0
  • Terraflat v1.0