The Management of IDATA GROUP has set as its primary objective to fully satisfy the needs of its customers through the provision of services and products.

The general guidelines are oriented toward the concepts of continuous improvement, both in terms of processes and performance, because it believes that only by operating under a regime of documented and shared rules can the company’s “mission” be implemented.

The elaborations and disseminations of these policies are reinforced through the constant oversight action of the Management, which thinks of them as a tool capable of contributing to the continuous development of the necessary managerial figures, including intermediate ones, the only ones who will guarantee an effective and lasting “supervised” improvement of the processes provided by the individual services.

The Corporate Quality Management System is the essential “tool” and “guarantor” of Management’s intentions; a system that is constantly evolving.

The Corporate Quality Management System has been developed following the requirements of the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The company’s Quality Management System ensures the dissemination of policies and, in fact, assumes the role of glue between the processes of the different Departments, thus becoming an “engine of organization” and presiding over activities, supporting Management.

The policies, defined by Management, will govern the procedures and processes of the different departments and will always, and in any case, have common features, such as:

  • compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations
  • the continuous analysis of processes and the adjustment of procedures
  • the identification of the professional figures and responsibilities involved
  • the empowerment of managers regarding the quality of the services provided by their employees

the identification of specific quality indicators, used both as a management tool and to assess the effectiveness of improvement and preventive actions that may be necessary

IDATA GROUP management promotes the use of two types of quality indicators, the first oriented toward indices that provide economic information that can be used directly to understand the company’s performance, and the second more focused on examining operational aspects and more useful for governing continuous improvement processes.

Of course, the two types of indicators are not antithetical; on the contrary, they often highlight the same type of “event” viewed from different vantage points.

Details of the quality indicators used to evaluate the improvement process can be traced to the specific documents of the company’s Quality Management System.

Management through the above indicators and the information from the summaries of the results of the planned periodic Inspections, provided for within the company’s Quality Management System, comes to acquire all the elements necessary for the Review of the System itself, the planning of actions oriented to the continuous improvement of Quality.

In this context, the activities of:

  • continuous and structured training on both quality disciplines and the technological evolutions that underlie the solutions we offer to Clients
  • dissemination and distribution of the company’s Quality Management System documentation
  • creation of conditions to allow ALL to contribute with ideas and proposals to the general improvement, ensuring, necontempo to each actor to be able to fully express their potential knowledge and experience
  • constant verification of customer satisfaction, external and internal

All these activities, properly directed, allow the necessary awareness of one’s own means to be acquired and spread within the company.

That awareness that is essential to fully meet the needs of its Customers and, through their satisfaction, achieve all secondary objectives, usually “incorporated” in the primary objective: to improve the company’s image, gain market share, reduce the costs of “no quality” and improve the efficiency of the “Company System”, increase competitiveness.

The objectives to which IDATA GROUP aims are summarized within the document named “Review Minutes” issued and approved by the Management at the same time as this document.

Turin 10/05/2018

Antonio Inches

Sole Director