IDATA GROUP was founded in 1979 facing the great transformations in the market and modeling its technical and managerial structure to adapt to new technological challenges. Our company is based on a stable corporate structure, which has not undergone changes over the years and thanks to which it has achieved the set objectives and challenges.

2018 – 2019


Important portal integrated with Erp, Crm, Seo solutions



Partnership with an important Group for the use of resources in the Cloud



Establishment of the PRIVACY work Unit formed by our security consultants and legal consultants.
The work shall on important clients.




IDATA GROUP participated in the company specializing in Networking and Cloud Sharing.




INGVInstitute of Geophysics and Volcanology
GeoDB realization and visualization for three centers in the seismic zone of Calabria.



Participation in the establishment of the company that owns the software QUBO, software for the management of the tax ticket of the shows, certified by the Revenue Agency.



Participation in the Italy – France – Valle d’Aosta call for tenders
Our Team won and implemented the “Project for the acquisition of data from renewable sources” of the Municipality of Saint Denis. Control and evaluation of production yields: mini wind, photovoltaic, boilers, lighting control units.


2013 – 2015


CSI Piemonte asked IDATA GROUP to prepare the GIS offer for an International Tender for the Ministry of Water Resources of Algiers.
The project involved the realization of GIS, IT Infrastructure, GED document management.
Awarded and assigned to IDATA GROUP GIS part for three years with the creation of the GeoDB of the Resources of the Algiers region.



EDATA ENERGY Renewable energy
IDATA GROUP funded the establishment of the Company with a focus on Renewable Energy with investments in research and development for the design of Pirogasification and Biogas plants.
Made of 100 kw and Pirogas prototype, installed Biogas 250 kw and Photovoltaic 1MWe.


Realized remote control SW


TICKETING – Box office
Customer acquisition of shows, cinema, museums, theaters area.

meaningful works in the field of mobility.

2007 – 2015


Strategic project prepared by Vodafone – TIM – H3G mobile operators with the aim of consolidating and sharing the transmission sites with significant global saving, not only in economic terms, but also in energy efficiency. IDATA GROUP participated in the Team with its own PM.




IDATA GROUP acquired allowances of Netech, Company specialized in Networking, VM, with a Data Center in Caldera area.


2002 – 2005


Participation in many projects of Mobile customers.
System side and application development.



Established in Milan for TELCO activities.

1997 – 1999


Fiat Ferroviaria – ALSTOM – PENDOLINO
IDATA GROUP realized the SIL project, which became the Management System for the advancement of the production of the Pendolino line.
Years later it would be integrated into SAP



TurkeyIDATA GROUP started an office in Istanbul – IDATA – MUMESSLIK Itd
The Ankara military Hospital. IDATA GROUP participated and won an important International Tender for the realization of “a sterilization line”. One of the competitors was Siemens.
TIM – AVEA. Other important activities have carried out in the ICT mobile sector.
Today, IDATA-MUMESSLIK has six branches in Turkey and deals with consulting and training activities. It is no longer participated but we remain on friendly terms and working collaboration.



Contracts into URSS faced to the end. The fall of the wall represented a period of crisis in the satellite states.


IDATA GROUP began a collaboration with a “young man” who, through his new company, explained what is WWW, Acrobat, Cern of Geneva. No one understood his potential.
Today, it would take the name of Start-up. 6 years later, the founders sold the allowances to the most important Italian advertising group.



We completed an automatic warehouse facility of an important Korean Company.




In 1987 IDATA GROUP signed a major contract with Gorbachev’s deputy minister for the construction of a video recorder factory.  Numerical control machine, Cad-Cam Mprp, Management. The maximum of system integration.
It was a response to the desire to explore markets and solutions.




We had the opportunity to attend a fair in Moscow, bringing our experience in the automotive sector. Like many companies at that time we are small, and we try to put together a group of Piedmonts companies in order to collaborate. Unfortunately, without success, because the other companies are not willing to leave “Turin” to risk and to invest.
IDATA GROUP, alone, with his small stand, joined the fair.  



Activities and important customers in Italy in the CAD ERP sector



eBAY. We created the prototype of Ebay, but unfortunately It was too early for this kind of technology for that time.
One of our partners formalized a cataloging handbook of all the “machine tools” with the main recognition keys for a potential market of 20.000 users.
We built a DB on a large computer (5MB dis – five Mb) and through an Infos terminal the companies connected VIA “300 Baud telephone acoustic coupler” at our headquarters. At the time, the algorithm of our APP sought and identified the machines and customers next to the search keys. They were sent to the customers’ “Thermal Printer”.
There was no internet and the contact-customer cost did not justify the B.Plan. Ten years had to pass in order to exploit internet transmission technologies.
However, this remains in our history and it hasn’t been the only innovation realized too soon


FIAT – COMAU, in partnership with Digital, started the process of turning towards the “Automatic Factory”.
The Mirafiori-Rivalta-Cassino establishments became the historical cases of production of new car models in “Just and Time”. We have been lucky to be involved in process control and management software and automation.


In 1981 We started cooperating with international computer-producing companies that have been purchased from time to time until some of them disappear from the market.
Lagosistemi, Philips, Digital, Compaq> HP (the only one left) Apollo, Sun> IBM





I have been teaching electronics for 4 years in ITIS Majorana. With my team, we introduced the study of the first Z80 – TEXAS microprocessors. In 1980 Bill G. had not yet rented his famous garage. My students have lived the beginning of an era that today seems like prehistory. It was a fulltime commitment not only technical but also social, political and human. Students of that time have become technicians and managers today. IDATA GROUP employed later some of them and some of them still work with me nowadays.
On June 13th I left teaching and I have founded the Company IDATA, a new adventure that continues nowadays.