Invidyo is a Plug&Play video monitoring and
recording system in the Cloud


Invidyo is a video monitoring and recording system in cloud, in motion detection mode, with Plug & Play configuration, that responds to the need to keep your environment under control. Through web, Android app and IOS, you can access your camera at any time and receive alerts in case of status change (movement, sound, light, temperature, humidity).


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition system always on, able to recognize familiar and recurring faces, sending a mobile notification in case a stranger’s face is captured.

Images of your child smiling

An innovative function able to capture pictures of your child smiling.  Pictures, automatically saved, can be downloaded and shared as a complete photo-album.

Videos of your child’s day

Function leading to see quickly the most important moments of your child’s day, avoiding hours of useless shots. A video made of selected moments will be created by an artificial intelligence system, collecting information related to sounds and movements.

Constant notifications during the whole day

Every action will be notified: a sound, a familiar face, a movement, the recognition of a stranger, temperature change, air quality anomalies. You’ll always know things happening even if you are at work or far from your child.

Temperature Monitoring

Constant house temperature monitoring due to an always-on-sensor. You will reach instant notifications in case temperature changes with respect to the thresholds set by you.

Responds to the special needs of the entertainment sector (cinema-theaters-museums)

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