Csi and Idata’s know-how wins on the Algerian market.

Csi and IDATA GROUP know-how wins on Algerian market.

The project was live for two years (and three for maintenance).
IDATA GROUP develops all the GIS parts.

A Piedmontese company of Information Technology and the Foreign Center for Internationalization and Torino Wireless. The CSI-Consortium for the information system of Piedmont, together with Agriconsulting, which operates in the field of consultancy and development of agricultural and environmental activities, has been awarded an international tender announced by the Algerian Ministry of Water Resources with the regulation of the European Union (EuropeAid), for the construction of the computer system for controlling the water resources of Algeria. The Italian group have been working in collaboration with the Compagnie Maghrèbine d’Informatique.

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